My Pond Needs A Better Filter

Improving an existing pond filter system can be done by adding a waterfall filter. This is our most popular choice with customers that want to enhance their current pond. This filter can overhang and pour into your existing pond or it could be the part of a new stream leading into your pond. As a added benefit of this filter, you also get a natural looking waterfall. This waterfall filter comes in three sizes, a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor will help select the best filter for your pond and install it correctly.

A complete pond filtration system would ideally include the Aquascape Biofalls filter and the Aquascape Skimmer filter. This is what we install when we are building brand new complete water features.

For smaller pond systems, we would suggest adding a pond canister filter. These filters sit outside the pond and water is pumped using your existing pump or a new pump.

Waterfall Filter Skimmer Filter Canister Filter

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