I Have Green Algae In My Pond

Algae is a natural occurrence in any pond and its a sign of a healthy ecosystem. Keeping algae under control and to a minimum is really the goal, realizing that some algae may always be present.

Green water algae (pea soup looking water)

This type of algae can be controlled by using several techniques. First, proper floating plant coverage is important. Your pond should have at least 30% coverage. These plants will use the nutrients that the algae is using for food and shade the pond from sunlight. Adding a good beneficial pond bacteria such as a product called Stream and Pond Clean by Aquascape will also help reduce algae and

Additional methods include using a liquid algaecide product. Several repeated treatments using this product will help get your green water under control. During this liquid treatment you may also want to put some new fine filter material in your pond skimmer filter. This will help strain out the algae as it dies and make it easy for your to remove. The algaecide product can be found in the water treatments section in the products catalog. When using liquid algaecides such as Algeafix or Aquascape’s Algaecide, it’s very important to know your exact water volume. If the dose is to low it will not be effective, it you dose to high you risk harming your pond fish. Heavy aeration is also important during a liquid algaecide treatment approach.

Another method is using what is called a UV filter. This is a separate filter that would need to be installed that contains a light that emits UV light that kills algae cells. Full effects of installing a new UV filter will result in clear water usually within a couple days after installation. These systems will keep your water clear all summer long. This type of koi pond UV filter is only good for algae that will pass through the unit, therefore, it will not prevent or reduce string algae in the stream or waterfalls.

Pond UV bulbs need to be changed every 1-3 years depending on usage. Some canister filter also incorporate UV filters if you are looking to add more filtration to your pond. These combination pond canister filters can be found in the pond filtration section of the catalog. Watch the video for more information about this innovative koi pond filter.

String algae (Algae in streams and waterfalls)

This type of algae is thick and can be picked up off the rocks using your hands. In extreme cases of overgrowth, five gallon buckets can be filled with this type of algae.

To control this algae we suggest removing what you can be hand as a starting point. The remainder then can be treated using a topical algaecide called Ecoblast found in the water treatment section in the catalog. This is a topical oxidizer that will kill the algae. Once this has been completed follow up the treatment with regular doses of a liquid algaecide or powered bacteria such as Stream and Pond Clean. Some of these beneficial pond bacteria also contain phosphate binder which will further help reduce algae growth.

A electronic algae control device called a Aquascape Iongen units can be found in our products catalog. These systems reduce string algae in the stream and waterfalls. This device slowly releases copper into the water to control algae growth in your pond. Using this approach reduced maintenance time and other beneficial additives that you need to use. You can also watch the video about this amazing koi pond device here.

Aquascape's UltraKlear® UV Clarifier Controlling Algae with Aquascape's IonGen G2 System Aquascape's UltraKlean™ Pressure Filters

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